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11th edition: due to Corona postponed to 2022-2023

We are working on a fully innovated and hybrid format for our festival.

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Listen to early classical music as it would have been heard by the composers themselves, while enjoying performances by world-class musicians on high-quality historical Fortepianos

Huize Kolthoorn

Concert Series streaming || Coming soon in 2021

Castle Concerts in ‘Beethoven and the Romantic in Gelderland’

The former Dutchy of Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands today. This series of concerts tells the story of a variety of historical locations in Gelderland, such as important landscapes and castles, accompanied by the music of Beethoven to take you back in time.

If you missed the Castle Concerts of the 10th edition, you can watch them as weekly recitals from September in Museum Geelvinck’s online series Castle Concerts.

Video-podcast walking concert || Coming soon in 2021

The Bashkir’s Ship Bridge

A series of talks and concerts beginning the 16th December about Beethoven and his contemporaries in relations to Dutch liberation from Napoleonic rule in 1813-1814, in particular over the role played by the 1st Regiment of the Bashkirs and their Ship Bridge over the River Ijssel (Veessen, the Netherlands)

If you missed the Video podcast of the 10th edition of the walking concert ‘The Ship Bridge of the Bashkirs’, you can watch it again at the end of October on the new website completely devoted to this interesting history.

Experience the sounds of the past in the present

Outreach for health centres

We are happy to provide free tickets to healthcare centers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the Netherlands, as well as their healthcare personnel and doctors, who do their best to help patients and residents affected by Corona.

Roland Spek geeft uitleg over pianola's

Outreach for Students and Teachers of piano

We would like to introduce a young generation of pianists to the world of historical pianos. Music schools and teachers in the Netherlands can receive tickets with a 50% discount while vimeo stocks last.

Offers and Discounts

For the general public we are delighted to offer pre-sale discounts while vimeo stocks last!

Vimeo – how does it work? 

This year the Geelvinck Early Piano Festival will take place online on vimeo.

For information on how to buy tickets and access the videos, click here for our handy guide.

Save our musical heritage!

BTHVN is Black

A fascinating series of concerts, talks and discussions from musicians and musical professionals across the globe on the subject of discrimination, diversity and inclusion in classical and early music. 

Gijs Wilderom

Online Symposium 

our sound heritage for future generations!


View our November online symposium here!

The music goes on! 

At Geelvinck Music our music continues throughout the year. 


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