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10th edition: 4th quarter of 2020

This year the Geelvinck Fortepianofestival will for the most part take place online with livestreams and videopodcasts.

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Early Piano – Reset Classics, over 30 concerts, a costumed Schubertiade, promenade concerts, masterclasses and an international symposium.

18 aug. 2019

Fortepiano promenade concert in Zutphen

You can start at:
11.00 AM or 14.30 PM

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The fortepiano and the musical salon – historical perspective and new incarnations

Our artistic director Michael Tsalka has written a blog with background information on this years theme.

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16 aug. 2019

New Frontiers

Contemporary Compositions for Fortepiano and Square Piano from Around the Globe:
Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Greece, Germany and Mexico.


12 aug. 2019, 10:00, Zutphen

Sixth International Geelvinck Fortepiano Symposium

This international scientific symposium aims to bring together professional practitioners, musicians, music historians, musical instrument curators, restorers, piano tuners and technicians, builders of historical key-board instruments, collectors and connoisseurs, for lecture-recitals, paper presentations and discussion on new developments and finds.

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13, 14 & 19 aug. 2019


During the Geelvinck Fortepianofestival 2019 you can visit 3 masterclasses in Zutphen

Masterclasses will be given by Megumi Tanno, Richard Egarr en Michael Tsalka.

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